ARMA Revenue Management skill assessment

Looking for the next revenue management superstar?

Want to assess the skill level of applicants or your current revenue management teams?

As revenue management specialists and qualified in human resource management & training ARMA can support your own internal recruitment process by assisting with –

  • Interview questions
  • Advice on Structure and Salaries
  • RM Skills Assessment

Skill Assessment

How do you know if you have hired the person with the right instinctive natural drives that will set them up for success in the role of Revenue Manager? 

How do you get the best out of your Revenue Management teams?

ARMA offers a thorough, cost and time effective skills assessment that is HR driven with revenue management questions that assess thought processes and critical thinking skills, coupled with an online assessment that determines the natural core ability and strengths of the employee.

Benchmarked against top performing analysts the assessment gives you real guidance as to how best to support, develop and recruit the right person for the role and maximise the talent within your existing teams.

Fees apply.

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