Cluster RM roles – how effective are they?

Today with streamlining in organisations and technological advancements Revenue Managers are increasingly removed off property and look after a cluster of properties. Whilst there certainly is benefit to this structure it can also have a negative impact if the correct support structure is not in place. Firstly it is important to have the right tools in place to support such a structure. Primarily this works most effectively when properties are on an automated system that automatically displays and controls the rates and selling strategy in each property. At times when removing Revenue Managers from the property there can be a instances for properties to follow their own initiatives separate to the RM guidelines, they may feel they don’t get equal attention by a revenue manager which can be difficult for RM’s to balance. Revenue Managers ideally need to have RM Champions on each property and ideally have the Reservations teams/Supervisors or Managers report to them. There is no point in setting a strategy in a corporate office if it does not flow through to the reservations being taken on property. It is VITAL to have seamless processes that flow through to properties and support the RM strategy.

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