Google – Trip Planning Stats

ARMA was thrilled to be invited to participate in the Future Leaders Forum – a great initiative by Bryon Merzeo for career development. Highlights from two of the speakers –

Sophie Silkin – Google – Hotel brands that have clean sites and are optimised for mobile is very important. As is sight / sound and motion and content aggregation. Consumers are more empowered now and can skip through ads. The screens drive the way the consumer books.
When planning a trip, 46% start on mobile then 43% continue on a pc with 3% continuing on a tablet.
” Mobile is not a trend, it is Everywhere”

Ted Horner – Hospitality Technology, stressed the importance of getting technology right so the hotel experience is equal to or better what customers can experience at home, also that it WORKS well and that WiFi today is a utility like water and electricity and needs to be FREE.

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