Nervous Wait

It can be very unnerving for non revenue management people & management when the hotel occupancy is low and you have restrictions in place as you know the demand will come in.

This is often why hotels fill up with group in the wrong places so the future looks like there is a base in place however, when the demand comes in the group causes revenue displacement.

If you have a strong demand history, booking pace is on track for each market segment and there are no market anomalies like odd events last year that are not happening his year, competitive set is the same etc,  then you should feel confident to stick with your forecast :)

This is a hard task for a Revenue Manager juggling the expectation of the property to maximise revenue against the nervous wait for demand to come in and fulfil projections.

This is especially difficult if you have just switched to a demand forecasting system as manual measurements and demand projections are still very much needed until you can confidently trust the system. Human intervention is always required.

– Melissa Kalan

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