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Tourism New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand says it is seeing a significant impact on visitor arrival
numbers outside of economic factors as a direct result of tourism marketing
efforts. CEO Kevin Bowler said the 6% full year growth figure recorded and 7.3%
for the year to Feb 2014 was a joint accomplishment of both TNZ and industry
partners. He attributed strong growth from long-haul western markets as largely
driven by the success of The Hobbit, with 14% of arrivals citing the movie
franchise as a major reason for their visit.

Tourism Australia

Australian tourism businesses are being invited to take part in a social media
master-class in Far North Queensland, as a prelude to this year’s Australian
Tourism Exchange (ATE14).

Tourism Australia is offering operators the opportunity to attend its one-day
New Media Workshop at Palm Cove on Sunday 11 May, involving some of Australia’s
leading social media and digital experts.

Swan Valley, WA to spread its tourist wings

The WA Tourism Council plans to promote the Swan Valley as a major tourist attraction to realise its potential to draw visitors.

WA Tourism luring the Chinese

Western Australia’s tourism council is betting that culinary experiences and natural experiences will lure Chinese tourists.

Canberra in the Tourism Spotlight

Canberra will feature front and centre in a new Tourism Australia campaign.

Tourism e – kit

Australian tourism businesses have benefited from the creation of a new Tourism e-kit, in their marketing and promotional activities.

The e-kit is an online education program that helps Australian tourism businesses market their products and create branding opportunities and was designed by the Australian government.

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