What’s your Brand Quality? and does it drive Sales?

This week we have the pleasure of posting a blog from Jacqui Laurenson, Creative Director of StudioPopsicle – a brand makeover agency discussing the brand Halo.

Finding out what your brand represents is a key ingredient to defining your brand personality and also supporting your sales process.

Recently I was in Melbourne at a sales conference. A somewhat different arena for a creative and one that I’ve often considered somewhat ‘scary’ as the stereotypical image of the ‘pushy’ sales person sits in the back of my mind. However the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth.

While sales can be driven by quantity and being able to measure growth by numbers, an equally important driver of sales success is quality.

The brand halo

From a branding point of view this quality is the feeling your customer emotionally connects to and wants to experience.

While it’s obviously important for the product or service you offer to be of good quality, what is more important is the perceived emotional benefit the customer gets when they purchase your brand. It’s like a halo that represents a certain quality or value.

Quality feedback

Ask your customers:

• What quality does your brand represent that they want to experience?

• What quality about your brand are they inspired by?

• What do they think and feel about your brand?

The feedback you receive will help you tell you:

• is your brand messaging clear

• is it something they relate to easily

• is it giving them a perceived benefit

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